Clinical Supplies Depot Solutions (GxP)

At OCASA, we are committed to redefining clinical supplies and depot services. Our mission is to boost pharmaceutical enterprises with comprehensive solutions that elevate their clinical research to new heights of success.

We are at the forefront of clinical supplies and depot services, delivering unmatched support to pharmaceutical companies as they embark on their journey towards groundbreaking medical advancements.

Tailor-Made Global Solutions

End-to-End Management Excellence

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Expertise and Reliability

Global Reach, Local Understanding

Our specialized solutions
Clinical Supplies Management Services icon
Clinical Supplies Management Services
Temperature Controlled Storage Icon
Temperature Controlled Storage
Packaging & Labeling Icon
Packaging & Labeling

Pack & Label Design Serialization

Clinical Drug Supply Services (IMP) Icon
Clinical Drug Supply Services (IMP)
Comparator Sourcing icon
Comparator Sourcing
Ancillaries Sourcing icon
Ancillaries Sourcing
Passive Packaging Solution icon
Passive Packaging Solution
BioStorage icon
QP Services / Regulatory icon
QP Services / Regulatory
Returns, Reconciliation & Destruction Services icon
Returns, Reconciliation & Destruction Services
Medical Devices icon
Medical Devices
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Clinical Supplies Depot Solutions (GxP)

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Patient Care

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Medtech / Pharma Services

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