At OCASA, we specialize in critical logistic patient care services. Our mission is to provide time-sensitive care, prioritizing the overall patient experience and well-being with utmost attention to logistical precision.

OCASA and patients are connected across different supply chain models like DFP y DTP services that facilitate their participation on clinical trials and provides end-to-end experiences ensuring shipments are on time, intact, and within range.

Critical and Time-Sensitive Approach

Comprehensive Care Coordination

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Global Reach, Local Understanding

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We are driven by a commitment to excellence in critical logistic patient care services. We embrace the challenges of time-sensitive logistics to provide support to patients and healthcare providers, making a difference in critical moments when it matters the most.

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Cell & Gene Supply Chain Services
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Cell & Gene Control Center
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Home Healthcare Services

Sharps & Bio Waste MGMT

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Patient Control Services
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Patient transportation
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Clinical Supplies Depot Solutions (GxP)

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Patient Care

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Medtech / Pharma Services

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